As anticipated, Mockingjay part I is a box office hit. The third installment of the critically acclaimed Hunger Games series raked in $24.4 million for its showings on Black Friday. This makes it the third highest Black Friday gross of all time, behind only Frozen ($26 million), and its own predecessor, Hunger Games Catching Fire ($30 million).

Mockingjay’s box office figures reached $121 million during its premiere on Nov 21st, making it the biggest film debut of 2014 but slightly down from the film’s first two installments, both of which earned $152 million and $158 million respectively for their own premiere releases.

Mockingjay has already surpassed the $400 million mark overseas. If the trend continues, it may very well reach $500 million by Monday, Dec 1st. So far, though, with a gross of $700 million worldwide, the film is fairing quite well and is not far from the hefty $861 million mark that the second film brought in.

Several critics, however, expect that Mockingjay Part I will be the weakest of the four installments and that sales will largely scale back by next week after all the hype and hoopla dies down.

Runner ups include Penguins of Madagascar, which came in second and finished its Black Friday showings with $10.5 million. Horrible Bosses 2 is also worth a mention and raked in $6.2 million.

As far as Mockingjay and its box office numbers are concerned, the franchise just keeps swelling, but the love affair will soon be coming to a close once the fourth and final film makes its release in November of next year. For now, though, the series and everyone involved continues to reap the benefits of its mega success. In fact, the song Hanging Tree, which is featured in Mockingjay and sung by lead star Jennifer Lawrence, just made a splash by earning the 29th spot in the top 40 UK charts.

[photo credit: tau zero]