Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are heading for divorce, at least that’s the renewed rumor that has been spreading all over the web for the last 24 hours.

The rumor is clumsily based on a single answer that Shelton gave to Ellen Degeneres way back on September 9.

Ellen asked The Voice judge if he and wife Miranda were planning on becoming parentings anytime soon. Because Blake didn’t give a fun positive answer, marriage troubles started to surface yet again for the couple. Fellow The Voice judge Adam Levine said he wanted “lots of kids” while Blake Shelton said he wasn’t quite ready to start a family.

Earlier this year divorce rumors also surfaced and Shelton told Carson Daly that he and his wife were very happy these days:

“I would take this opportunity to say, to clear the air, you may pick up a magazine or a tabloid any day of the week that’ll say something about my relationship with Miranda, and that it’s in turmoil and we’re gonna divorce. And the truth is, I’ve never felt a stronger bond… not only with her but with any other human being in my life. I mean, Miranda and I, she’s my life.”

An unnamed snoop says Blake’s response to Ellen’s question didn’t sit well with Miranda, which led her to believe that the marriage is not working for her husband. According to that same source, Miranda wants to have a child to “mend the cracks” in her marriage.

Tabloid writers are claiming that the married couple are avoiding each other on a daily basis. What those writers don’t really address is the fact that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are very business top-selling performers. The couple have been touring non-stop, recording albums, and Blake has been incredibly busy with The Voice. 

While they both have busy schedules, Blake has invited his wife to mentor his team members on The Voice, and they appeared completely happy with one another. Of course, the couple have been fighting off divorce rumors for years.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were a country couple match made in heaven, which means even if the divorce rumors remain 100 percent false, they will likely continue to battle such news throughout their entire marriage.

[Photo Credit: Keith Hinkle]