Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger hates her messy house, according to reports. Schwarzenegger has fallen head over heels in love with the singer, but her dirty habits prohibit them from spending a lot of time together at her mansion.

Reportedly, Cyrus allows her many pets to use her expensive house as a toilet in that they are never taken outside or cleaned up after. A spy said, “Patrick went to her house after they partied on Halloween but he’s not spending much time there. There was dog poop everywhere and her once white couch is covered in burn marks and unidentifiable stains.”

Cyrus’ boyfriend isn’t too fond of the fact that her pets aren’t actually trained and Cyrus insists on adding to her zoo whenever a new pet catches her eye. Cyrus became very rich and famous at such a young age as a result of her show “Hannah Montana” and it is believed that she got used to having someone clean up after her.

Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend have been disregarding the mess in favor of a lot of time between the sheets, according to the latest gossip surrounding the young couple. An insider said, “Miley is in lust with Patrick. When they aren’t partying, they’re in bed, she’s having more sex than she’s had in a year and she says it’s by far the best sex she’s ever had.”

The spy added, “With Liam, she felt like she always had to initiate sex, but with Patrick, it’s the opposite. He’s ready for it even more than she is, to the point where she has to get him to stop because it’s too much for her body to take. They had so much sex on their trip, when she got back she needed two days to recover!”

Most recently, it was rumored that Miley Cyrus is pregnant by Patrick Schwarzenegger – something that is likely to infuriate his mother, Mariah Shriver.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]