One of the most well known comic companies, Marvel Comics, will be reintroducing the character of Ms. Marvel, but this time she will be portrayed as a 16-year-old Muslim girl named Kamala Khan living in New Jersey. Marvel is a very large company and has a very diverse demographic, so this character is a way to reflect that.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Three years ago, DC Comics introduced an Arab-American Muslim named Simon Baz when the new ‘Green Lantern’ series was launched.

The Ms. Marvel series will not revolve around her being Muslim. It is of course an important element, but it isn’t the soul foundation of the story. Instead it will be about how she is just a young girl trying to figure out who she is when she discovers that she has the power to stretch her limbs and change her body into different shapes. When she discovers her powers, she has to learn what they mean and how to deal with the responsibility that come with them. There are actually a lot of similarities between Kamala and Peter Parker.

The initial purpose of creating this particular character could be so girls everywhere could read about a young girl also growing up and for those who have “ever loked at life from the fringe.” started when senior editor Stephen Wacker and Amanat, a Muslim-American, were talking about childhood stories and from there, it was to the drawing boards to write the series with the help of Wilson.

Marvel Editors have high hopes for this new series and the writers wrote the character so that she would be real and relatable to readers as well as something new and modern by adapting to how the readers are becoming more and more diverse.

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