Mark Wahlberg wants legendary director Martin Scorsese to direct a Boardwalk Empire movie, continuing the series which recently ended its run on HBO.

In a radio interview posted on, Mark Wahlberg discussed the possibility of a Boardwalk film, saying “My next goal now is to get the movie made and start talking to Martin Scorsese about directing it.” Scorsese served as executive producer of the HBO series and was closely associated with the first two seasons.

Wahlberg is trying to turn this television series-to-movie adaptation idea into a regular thing. Another HBO series Wahlberg produced, Entourage, has a new film coming out this year. The trailer has been released for this upcoming film. Aside from producing Entourage and Boardwalk Empire, Wahlberg also served as producer for In Treatment and How To Make It In America, two moderately successful HBO shows.

Boardwalk Empire ended its run on HBO in 2014 with a sense of finality, so it would be interesting to see how the film would continue a story that seemed to reach a logical conclusion. On top of that, Martin Scorsese has a full slate of projects in the works right now, including the upcoming film Silence, an art film about religion 17th-century Japan. Aside from Silence, Scorsese is also directing a Bill Clinton documentary, and has announced a biopic on Frank Sinatra.

Martin Scorsese worked with Mark Wahlberg first back in 2006, when the two paired up for the crime drama The Departed. The film would win Best Director, Best Picture, and would garner Wahlberg’s one and only Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Wahlberg, like Scorsese, is keeping busy himself. Currently, he is promoting his new film The Gambler, as well as filming Ted 2 and The Six Billion Dollar Man. 

Despite Mark Wahlberg’s desire to have Martin Scorsese direct a Boardwalk Empire movie, it doesn’t appear as if this project is anywhere near production.