Mariah Carey Struggles On High Note During Live NBC Performance

Mariah Carey struggles to hit the high notes during a live performance for NBC. The singer and songwriter was performing her hit holiday classic All I Want for Christmas is You, but appeared to have difficulty when she tried to utilize her upper octave range that she’s renowned for.

The performance took place at the New York Rockefeller Center during the annual tree lighting ceremony. The show moved forward despite massive protests over the Eric Garner case. Carey, though, may now be wishing that the show was cancelled instead. She is now the center of celebrity social media gossip due to her apparent struggle hitting the high notes.

According to a TMZ report, Carey was actually planning on doing a pre-taped performance but did not have time for it due to arriving late. Her tardiness was due to meeting with lawyers over her highly publicized divorce with ex-hubby Nick Cannon.

Even the singer herself acknowledged that her performance was subpar and issued an apology tweet to her fans.

Many other editorials have published their own commentary regarding Mariah Carey’s high note struggle, using words and phrasing that included “disappointing,” “disastrous,” and “bad beyond belief.”

It’s without a doubt that Carey is a shadow of her former self. The Mariah Carey of the early and mid-90s would have hit those high notes in her sleep.

Carey made her debut back in 1988 and quickly became recognized for her 5-octave vocal range. Her god-given talent made her an instant star, and she also became the highest selling music artist of the 90s. Unfortunately, she has hit a few rough patches during the new millennium.

In 2001, the songstress reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown caused by her relentless schedule during the filming and promotion of her film Glitter, which was a box office bust. Her album for the film was also a commercial failure. Things did appear to turn out better more recently with her marriage to Nick Cannon, the birth of her twins, and stint on American Idol. Even then, though, all did not appear to be well. It was rumored that the singer suffered postpartum depression not long after becoming a mother. Currently, with her split from Cannon, one can only wonder the inner emotional turmoil she is going through.

As far as Mariah Carey’s high note struggle is concerned, the public scrutiny really needs to chill. At 44-years of age, she is certainly not going to flawlessly hit those notes like she did in her 20s.

[photo credit: KWSW]

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