Maria Shriver is angry over the fact that her son Patrick Schwarzenegger seems to be mocking his entire family by dating the likes of pop singer Miley Cyrus. Cyrus doesn’t actually fit the Kennedy mold that Shriver has helped her family achieve and it doesn’t ring of class like her family’s name does. So what is a mother to do?

Shriver reportedly refused to attend an event just because Cyrus was also invited to attend. They were both invited to attend Art Basel in Miami, Florida, but canceled her plans to appear once she caught wind of Cyrus’ attendance at the event. Cyrus was already scheduled to attend, so Shriver backed out at the last minute.

An insider said, “Maria was going to go to Art Basel to spend some time with Anthony [her brother], but when she heard Miley was going to be there with Patrick, she canceled.””

Shriver is angry that Cyrus was a last minute addition to the schedule and her antics also caused a lot of fuss. Cyrus was seen at the event donning a silver wig and matching pasties. Reportedly, the wild singer also danced with a topless woman and even danced with a guy dressed as a penis. Not only that, but Cyrus was also seen on stage smoking marijuana – a topic that caused an argument between herself and Patrick.

A source revealed, “Patrick is anti-drugs, but Miley doesn’t give a f***. She smoked marijuana on stage, and God knows what else she was on for the rest of the weekend. She and Patrick were heard fighting about it. There’s nno way Patrick can be linked to drug use; his family is American royalty.”

Maria Shriver is angry and doesn’t approve of her son’s relationship with the singer. Cyrus angered Shriver by riding a penis-shaped bronco at her 22nd birthday party. The spy said, “The birthday party with all the penis pictures disgusted her. That was the worst thing Miley could have done. Maria is very, very worried about the influence Miley’s having on Patrick. She fully believes that you become who you surround yourself with and she’s always been so happy with the friends Patrick chooses, she never saw this coming.”

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]