Mark McDaniel is a monster – and he proved that in 2004 by molesting a then eight-year-old Anna Cardwell, the daughter of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” matriarch Mama June Shannon. He did ten years in prison for his crimes and was released in March 2014. Since, Shannon has began dating McDaniel again, causing her daughter to feel as if their relationship is destroyed.

McDaniel proved to be a vile child molester (as if there are any other kinds) and what he did to Cardwell is reprehensible. He even went as far as molesting Anna Cardwell while her much younger sister was in the same bed.

McDaniel’s actions only get worse from there as we have learned that he actually threatened to kill his victim should she decide to go forward and tell on him for his misdeeds. Not only is it sick and disgusting that Mama June is dating McDaniel again following his release from prison, but it goes to show you that she didn’t believe her eight-year-old daughter’s story in the first place.

We have learned that McDaniel sexually abused Cardwell for at least six months when she was eight-years-old. Unfortunately, she was terrified of him and didn’t come forward until a year later in 2003. A police source revealed, “Anna had told a teacher…she had been molested by her stepfather Mark McDaniel. Anna stated that Mark told her not to tell because he would not like her anymore. Anna advised she got tired of holding it in and had to tell.”

Cardwell’s ex-boyfriend said previously, “Anna told me that McDaniel threatened that if she ever told her grandparents what happened to her, he’d kill them and her. That’s how he made her shut up about the rapes.”

When the news broke that Shannon and McDaniel were actively dating again, naturally Cardwell was feeling hurt.

June Shannon has denied dating Mark McDaniel, but all of the evidence produced suggests otherwise. In fact, she was going house hunting with him and purchasing a vehicle for him. It wasn’t long before the claims became public knowledge and TLC packed up the show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and stopped production completely.

Mark McDaniel should feel ashamed for what he’s done and despite having done the time for his crime, he is still a sick individual and should not be around children whatsoever. June Shannon should also have her head examined for having him in her life again and allowing him access to her young daughter Alana.

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