Mama June Shannon recently began dating her ex-boyfriend and daughter Anna Cardwell’s child molester, Mark McDaniel. Despite her denials, TLC pulled the plug on the popular reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. Instead of worrying about the safety of his daughter Alana Thompson (AKA Honey Boo Boo/meal ticket), Sugar Bear was seemingly more concerned about the state of his paycheck from the reality show. You stay classy there, Sugar Bear.

Previously, it was said that even though the network shot the entire season six months ago, the show’s cast wouldn’t be receiving a paycheck for any un-aired episodes. Sugar Bear and Uncle Poodle were both miffed, but mostly Sugar Bear because Mama June was obviously holding onto the purse strings.

Mama June Shannon is said to be completely responsible for the show getting canned, so she won’t be receiving the bulk of her salary from TLC, but her kids will. The network is said to be concerned over the fact that Shannon has placed her daughters in harm’s way by dating a convicted child molester and want to hit her in the pocket in order to prove their point.

Sugar Bear, Uncle Poodle and the girls will all receive their full paychecks for the entire season that went into the can. TMZ reports that the network is invoking a morals clause in Mama June’s contract and she qualified for a lesser paycheck because she was obviously dating and/or reconnecting with a man who molested her eldest daughter.

Mama June Shannon does not deserve to receive any of the money from the show. She has betrayed the trust of her eldest daughter Anna Cardwell by dating her child molester, Mark McDaniel. If that wasn’t bad enough on its own, Shannon also had the man around her youngest daughter Alana Thompson. As far as her defense, Shannon has revealed that it “will all come out”, but we’re guessing by that time no one will want to hear her side of the story. What do you think?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]