Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear have had their ups and downs, but it appears that there still might be time for the famed Here Comes Honey Boo Boo stars to save their rocky relationship.

In the past, Shannon claimed that Sugar Bear AKA Mike Thompson was looking at other women with the aid of online dating websites. Afterward, the reality matriarch caused a lot of trouble for herself and her family when it was revealed that she was hooking up with her convicted child molester ex-boyfriend Mark McDaniel.

Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear tried to reconcile their differences following the cancellation of their show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo amid all of the drama that came at the hands of her involvement with McDaniel. At the time, it was rumored that Child Protective Services had insisted that their investigation was to be concluded and that the minor children would be allowed to stay in the home only if Sugar Bear remained as well.

Despite reports that Shannon drained her daughter Anna Cardwell’s trust fund, it appears that they have put their pasts behind them. Cardwell was said to be pleased that Shannon plunked down $149,000 for the home that Shannon previously viewed with McDaniel.

Now that things are settling on the home front, we’ve learned that Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear might undergo couple’s counseling in order to set things right in their relationship. TMZ reports that Mama June has been contacted by two different reality shows in order to air their dirty laundry for the sake of the almighty dollar. One show is Marriage Boot Camp on WE TV while the other remains unnamed at this time.

As of last week, Mama June Shannon kicked Sugar Bear out of their home after she reportedly found him cheating on her with several women he met online. It’s anyone’s guess if their relationship drama will make it to the small screen now that her child molester drama is completely in their rearview mirror.

Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear doing couple’s counseling: Would you watch? It’s better than a sex tape deal with Vivid Entertainment, no?

[Photo Credit: Zennie Abraham via Flickr]

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