Lindsay Lohan’s community service hours are all complete, according to the latest reports surrounding the troubled actress. Reportedly, in November, she had only completed half of the thirty days that she was given for her reckless driving charge in 2012. With several delays, it was rumored that the actress concocted the Chikungunya virus as a means of dodging any possible jail time in her case should her community service not be completed in time.

Lohan’s community service was said to be put on hold because of the Community Service Volunteers being closed for two weeks. Afterward, she was on vacation in Bora Bora where she was said to have contracted Chikungunya. After it was reported that the actress was in a mad dash to complete her time before today’s scheduled court date, it was revealed that she was out partying it up in Paris, France with friends.

It all seems like an elaborate ruse at this point, but we are happy to report that Lindsay Lohan’s community service is complete. She was threatened with jail time hanging over her head over the 2012 offense, but that is apparently no longer on the table.

Lohan is set to receive a letter of completion for her service from the Community Service Volunteers center in London. The actress completed 240 hours as instructed by the court as part of her probation following her reckless driving offense on the Pacific Coast Highway in 2012.

Lohan’s community service was finished either yesterday or today, done at the last minute in a bid to avoid jail. Her court date is today, but she will not be attending in person. Her attorney Shawn Holley will attend in her place and will provide the court with the letter. She certainly dodged a bullet this time around, but perhaps next time, she shouldn’t wait until the last minute to take action. What do you think?

[Photo Credit: EyesOnFire89 via Flickr]