Lindsay Lohan may do another reality show, according to reports. The actress has already moved to London in order to get her career back on track. She has just finished up her run on London’s West End in David Mamet’s play Speed-The-Plow.

In a recent interview, Lohan commented that while she enjoys visiting Los Angeles and New York, she has no immediate plans to move back to either city anytime soon. In fact, she is doing better in her quest to get her life back in order in England’s capital. Her mother, Dina Lohan, said that Lindsay became the target of the paparazzi’s constant attention, causing her downward spiral.

Lindsay Lohan’s reality show venture may be as part of Patti Stanger’s celebrity version of Millionaire Matchmaker, according to a new report from RadarOnline. A source said that while Stanger hired the Lohan matriarch to appear on the show, “Lindsay was her first choice.”

The source revealed, “Patti really wanted to have Lindsay come on the show in an attempt to find her true love. Would Lindsay want to be set up with a man or a woman, or have a meet and greet with both? It would have been great television! Unfortunately Lindsay was busy working in London during the filming of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’, but expressed interest in doing it in the future. She also suggested her mom, Dina, for the show. Of course Dina agreed.”

Lindsay Lohan’s reality TV plans aren’t dashed yet because a source has revealed that despite the entire Lohan family having a “notorious reputation, Lindsay would be ratings gold for ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ in the future. Patti could really help Lindsay find love once and for all – and she wouldn’t put up with her B.S.”

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[Photo Credit: Joel Kramer via Flickr]