Lindsay Lohan has recently got some ink dedicated to an unlikely celeb. Well, sort of.

The continually troubled star showed TMZ her new tattoo recently, a scrolling quote from none other than Billy Joel. The lyrics read “Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life,” from Billy Joel’s hit “I Go To Extremes.” The song, from the album Storm Front, could very well be a symbol for Lohan’s past few years.

In and out of the court room for months, on and off probation for years, Lohan has definitely been going to extremes for a while. This could be the reason for the tattoo. Other sources believe it to be a symbol of Lindsay’s commitment to taking advantage of being in the prime of her life and no longer throwing it away.

This lyric on her ribcage isn’t the first of Lindsay’s quotable tattoos. In 2009 she got “Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle,” said by Marilyn Monroe, inked on her wrist. She and singer Lily Allen got “Shh…” on their fingers after a night out, and Lohan also has “La Bella Vita” on her lower back.

Formerly a teen star and currently a tabloid headline, Lohan recently got off probation and is signed to a spot in Gotti: Three Generations playing wife of mobster John Gotti Jr. John Travolta has also been placed in the film. Production is set to start this fall.