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You know when you hear about someone hurting an animal and you just can’t help but wish something mildly illegal would happen to them? Ever wish that animals had their own Superman or Batman type heroes to take on dog fighters or laboratories that use animals for experimentation? If you answered yes, then the comic book “Liberator” may be for you. Liberator was created by Rockaway, NY animal activist Matt Miner and features the adventures of a young masked couple who rescue animals and punch all those who would do them harm.

Though they don’t tend of engage in quite as much punching as the characters in “Liberator,” Matt and his wife, Sloane Quealy-Miner, do operate their own dog rescue, which Matt pours his cut of the comic’s earnings into. In an interview with whatchareading, Matt spoke about his enthusiasm over the comic’s success.

“The response has been better than I ever imagined it would be. I’m so super stoked that this story with these types of heroes are finding an audience with comic nerds like us. It’s just so cool to see that I was right when I thought that folks who liked to read about masked vigilantes like Batman might also like to read about masked vigilantes taking action on behalf of abused animals.”

Miner says he got the idea for the comic after seeing videos about real-life underground animal rescue groups who sometimes operate in the middle of the night or while wearing masks. This led him to the idea of solidifying the heroism that goes into rescue work while providing a source of income to help animals in need. Matt teamed up with the following folks to make the comic possible:

Writers- Matt Miner and Javier Sanchez Aranda
Javier Aranda – pencils/inks
Joaquin Pereyra – colors
Vito Delsante – edits/letters
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

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