Ben Turpin, silent film comedian, made his big entertainment debut in the early 1900’s.

His famous crossed eyes and thick mustache quickly became a trademark that added to his overall comedic value, and helped advance his career to new heights.

Those crossed eyes were revered by many, and led to him landing roles in a number of slapstick films including A Small Town Idol and The Shriek of Araby.

After reaping the monetary rewards of his most prized possessions time and time again, Turpin decided to insure them for $25,000.

Though the famous actor only took out the policy as somewhat of a joke, he started a growing trend that has led to hundreds of celebrities insuring a wide variety of body parts.

Today, celebrities are insuring body parts such as the tongue (Gene Simmons), chest hair (Tom Jones), buttocks (Jenifer Lopez), and more.

While taking out an insurance policy on these personal attributes may sound downright silly, the reasoning behind it is actually quite practical.

For example, Gene Simmons is worth about $300 million. Though Simmons’ success as a vocalist for the band KISS has undoubtedly been responsible for his high net worth, one has to wonder – would the band have ever gotten to that level without the tongue?

There may not be a clear-cut answer, but it is clear that a growing number of celebrities would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to preserving a famous trademark.

Here is a list of some of unusual insured body parts in Hollywood today.

Image courtesy of bombayhiphop
  1. LEGS:A number of female and male celebrities feel that their legs have played an important enough role in their success to have them insured. Some of these famous individuals include Rihanna ($1 million), Heidi Klum ($2.2 million), Jamie Lee Cirtis ($2.8 million), Tina Turner ($3.2 million), Betty Grable ($14.8 million), David Beckham ($70 million), and finally, Mariah Carey, who insured her lengthy friends for a whopping $1 billion.
  2. BREASTS:Whether they’re natural or surgically enhanced, a growing number of female celebrities feel that their ‘assets’ have also been a huge asset to their careers. The most famous of these are Holly Madison ($1 million), Dolly Parton ($600,000), and Ornella Muti ($350,000).
  3. VOCAL CHORDS:As a vocalist, a fully functioning voice means the difference between having a thriving career and having no career. A few of the musicians who have recognized this include Keith Richards Rod Stewart ($15.5 million) and Bruce Springsteen ($31.2 million).
  4. FINGERS:Many famous fingers have been growing in worth as more and more musicians are having them insured. Among the list is Ben Lee (4.75 million), Keith Richards ($1.6 million), and Jeff Beck ($1 million per finger).
  5. TASTE BUDS: Entertainers aren’t the only ones in possession of a body part worth preserving. Food critic Egon Ronay and wine expert Angela Mount both set up an insurance policy for their taste buds, at $400,000 and $16 million respectively.

Whether it be chest hair, legs, or taste buds, these cautious celebrities have all taken the necessary steps in looking after the assets that many don’t think to protect.