GLEE fans will be treated to an unforgettable delight when Lea Michele performs Idina Menzel’s Let It Go. An audio clip of Michele’s performance has already been released and has fans eagerly awaiting the Premiere of GLEE’s sixth and final season to be released Jan. 9, 2015.

What makes Michele’s version of the song even more noteworthy is the fact that Idina Menzel actually has a recurring role on the hit Fox show and plays none other than the mother of Michele’s character, Rachel Berry.

GLEE has captivated a loyal following of audience for the past five years. The plot focuses on a group of high school students who pursue their ambitions and dreams as they face the issues prevalent among teens, such as sexuality and bullying. Later seasons focused on the lead cast as they embark on life after high school. Of course, the show’s soundtrack definitely played a role in the show’s stellar ratings as well.

The show has received critical acclaim and was the recipient of many Peabody and Golden Globe Awards. What’s more, it also made GLEE clubs in school cool. Such clubs were previously stereotyped as an organization that only attracted the “uncool kids,” such as those perceived as nerds and outcasts.

With Lea Michele’s rendition of Let It Go, the 28-year-old actress will be covering a song that has gone on to become a global massive success. It won multiple awards, and its official video on YouTube has received over 386 million views as of Dec. 22.

The promo clip for Glee’s sixth season has nearly one million views on YouTube despite being released just one week ago. This is a clear indication that fans are bracing for a download-worthy performance by the young actress and singer.

Speaking of downloads, the rendition will be available for iTunes on Dec. 23. It will definitely be the perfect track for your iPod and just in time for Christmas too.

With an already impressive resume on GLEE, there is no question that Lea Michele’s performance of Let It Go will propel her to even greater recognition from those who don’t watch the show but are fans of all things Frozen.

[photo credit: Mike Ownby]