Editor’s Note: Several hours after this post went live, Disney announced plans to produce a sequel to Frozen. 

For a year now, fans of Disney’s blockbuster hit Frozen have been claiming that a rumor leaked by Idina Menzel stated that the producers and director have a planned sequel to the movie.  Well, it seems that is exactly what it is: a rumor.


We all get it, you love Frozen, your kids love Frozen, even your dog howls along to the harmony of ‘Let it Go’ when the movie is playing.  But that is the exact problem.  What if a sequel never lives up to the hype it creates?  What if there just is no way to top the original Frozen?

I’m sorry, if the dog even likes the movie, and howls along to it, how can you ever top it with another movie?

There are other instances, though, in the Disney franchise where producers and directors thought that no movie sequel would measure up to the original.  Just look at Toy Story! The second and third movies in the trilogy ended up being as good, if not better, than the original.  These movies are so beloved that they have inspired multiple short films that air during holidays!  Sometimes they even air them just for the heck of it.

And then take a look at Monster’s Inc.  Whoever believed that the prequel, Monster’s University, would end up so adorable and hilarious?

So Frozen fans will be happy to know that, while a full sequel may not be in the works, there will be a short film, Frozen Fever, released on March 13! Tomorrow!

The catch is: you have to go see Cinderella in theaters…