Kid Rock recently gave the birthday surprise of a lifetime to a fan with down syndrome. Dan McGurk was celebrating his 30th birthday with friends and family at The Union Woodshop, in Clarkston MI and anxiously expecting Rock’s arrival. McGurk had recorded a video invitation to the singer back in August, showing him why he is the “No. 1 Kid Rock fan.”

At one point McGurk gets disappointed when he doesn’t think Rock is going to make it but when singer arrived carrying a pumpkin shaped birthday cake the expression on Mcgurk’s face was priceless. Rock sits beside McGurk who states in the  video that he has seen Kid Rock’s live performances, “6 times so far.”

Rock delivered a large box which held several gifts for McGurk, including a baseball cap that reads ‘American Badass’, an autographed photo and the biggest and most shocking gift of all, a custom Kid Rock guitar that the singer signed on the spot. After being showered with Rock’s gifts McGurk is asked, “what do you say Dan” but McGurk is completely speechless and smiling.

In the video Rock says as he holds the guitar, “he has everything else, I didn’t know what to get him.” Afterwards Rock’s band made a surprise appearance to the birthday dinner to meet McGurk. Rock spent about 2 hours chatting and hanging out with McGurk at his birthday dinner where he even sang to the birthday boy as everyone clapped along.

The video has already reached over 35,000 views on Youtube since being  uploaded on October 28. There is also a Facebook page created for the event where you can see photos taken during the birthday dinner. The page has reached over 2,000 likes so far and includes a video of McGurk thanking everyone for watching and sharing his birthday dinner video.

[Photo Fan Page Credit: Facebook]