Kevin Spacey is eschewing his typical dramatic performances to portray a house cat in his upcoming film, Nine Lives.

Spacey, who has made a career out of playing darker and more serious characters, will play a busy businessman who suffers an accident that leaves him trapped in the body of a family house cat. Barry Sonnenfeld will direct.

The man-trapped-inside-an-animal routine has been done many times over, since Fred MacMurray was The Shaggy Dog in 1959. Borrowing from that family-film tradition, Spacey’s Nine Lives will be a commercial family comedy, not some sort of R-rated comedy along the lines of Ted.

Sonnenfeld describes the films as “funny, emotional, and commercial,” almost guaranteeing the comedy won’t be rated R.

Nine Lives will be the first feature film for Sonnenfeld since Men in Black III back in 2012. The director helmed all three of the Men in Black films, as well as Get Shorty, The Addams Family, and Addams Family Values among others. Sonnenfeld also writes for Esquire magazine and stays busy as a producer.

While Kevin Spacey focuses primarily on dramatic acting, currently starring in Netflix’s House of Cards, he has shown comedic flair in the past. He starred in both Horrible Bosses films, and is set to voice a character in the upcoming animated film, Boss Baby.

Aside from Kevin Spacey, no other cast has been announced for Nine Lives, and there is no shooting schedule set at this time. Production is in the very early stages.