On the week leading up to Keanu Reeves’ big comeback film, John Wick, which is receiving rave reviews, Reeves sat down with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday to discuss a number of things.  One of the discussion points was Reeves claiming he saw a ghost when he was a young boy.

“It was in New York. It was cool,” Reeves said as he described spotting a floating jacket in a doorway.  “There’s no head, there’s no body, there’s no legs. It’s just there. And then it disappears,” Reeves said.  He continued, questioning if that really qualified as a ghost. “Is that a ghost? Or is that just some weird floating jacket?”

Aside from talking ghosts with Kimmel, Reeves discussed his first appearance on camera, in the Canadian sitcom Hangin’ In where his only line of dialogue was “Hey, lady, where’s the bathroom?”

After a long absence in hit films, starring in bombs like 47 Ronin, Reeves appears to have something with John Wick.  Chris Nashawaty from Entertainment Weekly claims “John Wick, is not only a return to badass form for the actor, it’s also one of the most excitingly visceral action flicks I’ve seen in ages.”  Drew McWeeny at HitFix says the film “perfectly exemplifies what I want from an action film when I go. Have fun with the world, shoot the action well, motivate it in a way that doesn’t feel cheap.”

John Wick opens on Friday, and stars Keanu Reeves as a former assassin who comes out of retirement after a chance encounter with a Russian mobster leaves his new puppy dead.  The action film also stars Willem Dafoe and was directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, who were former stuntmen.