Kanye West and Taylor Swift were never considered on friendly terms and now it has been revealed that the rapper is jealous of Swift’s success as a singer. In 2009, Swift appeared on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards where she was gearing up to receive an award for Best Female Video. He interrupted her as she took the microphone and didn’t allow her to speak. It began one of the best memes in recent times, saying, “Imma let you finish, but….”

Since, he has apologized for stealing Swift’s thunder, but the epic interruption still remains part of the public’s memory. Now, it appears that he is super jealous that she is a huge star and is still on the rise.

West is jealous of Swift’s success and it’s no accident that she sold over 1.2 million copies of her new album 1989 within its first week. She has busted through predictions with regard to album sales and nearly doubled sales in her first week alone.

West and Swift’s names have gone hand-in-hand ever since the rapper’s 2009 outburst at the awards show and now, it’s being said that he “loses it” whenever someone mentions the level of success she has reached.

A source told Star magazine, “He can’t let go of a grudge, and it’s never more apparent than with Taylor. If he hears her music or her name, he’ll curse Taylor out as long as anyone will listen.”

Things were only made worse by Jay-Z refusing to include the rapper in his musical plans with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. The source revealed to the publication, “Kanye doesn’t see things over his ego very often – if ever – and he is upset that he isn’t in the club with Taylor, Jay-Z, Beyonce and JT. Jay-Z doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers with her [Swift] by bringing Kanye into the fold on his Mount Rushmore idea. Jay-Z did his thing with Kanye and he is moving on to bigger and better things.”

Kanye West and Taylor Swift don’t have to be good friends, but it would be great to see them get past their differences in a positive manner. What do you think?

[Photo Credit: Jason Persse via Flickr]