Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are going strong, but the rapper has urged his reality star wife to take a break once in a while. Will his plan work?

According to reports, West feels that their home life would be drastically improved if Kardashian took Sundays off at least, in order to spend some quality time with her family. One day a week doesn’t sound like too much to ask to spend family time with your husband and daughter, but she can’t seem to break free from the way things are. Reportedly, she feels that taking time off may compromise her life and career.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian apparently don’t spend nearly enough time together and according to a statement from her directly, it appears that the rapper is pushing for her to take it easy. She revealed in a new interview, “There are definitely times when you just want a day off. Kanye always says that if we could just have a Sunday off together, it would be a great compromise. If we could just find a way to work that out each week. I wouldn’t give up the career or the life I have now though. I feel so blessed that my family and I have had so many wonderful opportunities and been able to travel the world.”

Kardashian also revealed to Closer magazine that she loves being awakened by their daughter, North West. She told the publication, “My husband and daughter make me happy. My favorite thing is when North wakes me up in the morning. My eyes will be closed and she’ll put her nose right in my face. I open my eyes and she looks at me like, ‘Oh there you are.’ It’s the cutest thing and my favorite part of the day.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian still make headlines daily – with the reality star most recently sharing pictures of herself in the snow wearing nothing but a furkini. Do you think she should find the time to make more family time?

[Photo Credit: Daniele Dalledonne via Flickr]