Kaley Cuoco is recovering from sinus surgery, but she is making the recovery look easy.  When The Big Bang Theory actress woke up from her surgery, she had her husband Ryan Sweeting by her side.

In a series of pictures on Instagram, Cuoco shows the world her recovery from sinus surgery with Sweeting by her bed side every step of the way.

In one of the images on Instagram Cuoco captions it by saying, “Coming out of sinus surgery and the first thing I see is my beautiful angel of a man, he’s right there. Always.”  In even more appreciative words, she writes, “He’s taking amazing care of me. I love my noodle. He’s perfection.”

Kaley and Ryan will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve.  The couple married after a whirlwind romance that lasted six months and have been posting sweet pictures of each other ever since.  This year, Kaley gave Ryan a huge surprise birthday party for his 27th birthday and he returned the favor for her 29th birthday on November 24.

While thus far there has been no official word from the actress on how long her recovery will be, the surgery reportedly went well and she is recovering well.  The popular actress seems to be in good spirits following her surgery and is being well taken care of by both her doctors and Ryan.

The Big Bang Theory is currently one of the most popular sitcoms on the air.  The show the proves nerds can be cool too is expected to earn close to $1 billion in profits.  Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco recently renegotiated their contracts and are earning a reported $1 million per episode.  This contract is set for the next three seasons (8-10) and there are currently talks to extend the show for an additional eleventh season.

[Image Credit: Wikipedia]