This past weekend, many celebrities celebrated Halloween by dressing in Halloween costumes. There were many clever ones that people appreciated while others were not taken as well. Julianne Hough has gotten a lot of criticism for her costume. The “Rock of Ages” star dressed as the character “Crazy Eyes” in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” Uzo Aduba plays the character in the show, and to impersonate her, Hough wore a prison jumpsuit and donned “black face.”

“Black face” is basically using make-up to cover your skin (specifically your face) to make it look like you are another race. This is racially offensive, and because of that, seriously frowned upon. Her costume did not go unnoticed and Joan Duvall-Flynn, the President of the Media Area Unit of NAACP of Pennsylvania, was not happy about it and told FOX411 that Hough would absolutely have to explain her actions.

Hough did not hesitate to apologize via Twitter and announced that she had never meant to be offensive, disrespectful or demeaning. Some people did not accept the apology right away because they believe that since she is a public figure, she needs to be more appropriate and responsible. However, at least one person on Twitter made the point that Hough is not the first celebrity to dress this way. Some stars that have faced similar criticism include Ted Danson, Sarah Silverman, and Billy Crystal. People tweeted back and forth about the issue for some time and some even made the argument that younger generations of Hollywood stars live in a bubble of fame and fortune and do not have historical awareness. Then there were others that made comments about people being too touchy and thin-skinned.

Hough’s and Aduba’s representatives refused to make any further comments about the matter and Aduba did not address the issue at all on social media.