Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show?

Jon Stewart might leave The Daily Show, one of the best programs available on television, and Comedy Central’s second longest running show behind South Park. Stewart has become a household name for the all the people (well some of the people) of the United States, and him leaving might put Comedy Central in a state of panic.

Stewart’s contract with Comedy Central is up come 2015, and he’s yet to sign a new contract which will inevitably be presented to him soon. There’s a slight chance that The Daily Show won’t be hosted by Stewart in the future, and a TV world without the comedian’s biting political satire is one that some aren’t looking forward to.

Jon Stewart might leave The Daily Show, as he discussed his upcoming film Rosewater, and his contract with Comedy Central to Daily Beast. The news site asks, “I understand your Daily Show contract is up in 2015. Are you going to stay, and what would make you continue to host the show?” The comedian responds:

“It’s so hard to think about it in the crucible of finishing the movie up and everything else. It would be like making a decision about whether or not to keep exercising at mile 24 of a marathon. So, I’m gonna try and gain some distance and perspective so that when I make the decision, it’s not when my calves are cramping.”

The Daily Show host has definitely stirred up some speculation that he may leave. He doesn’t outright come out and say he’s going to be gone in 2016, but implies that he has to think about continuing his career as a fake news anchor, who’s more honest than some actual news anchors.

Jon Stewart might leave The Daily Show, a position that propelled him to be one of the most influential Americans of our time. How do you feel about a television world without Stewart?