John Travolta has explained the 3 a.m. gym visit and selfie with a stranger recently. The actor was at the 2015 Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Beverly Hills when he was asked by media outlets about his middle of the night workout.

He told Access Hollywood, “[I work out] for my health… as you get older, if you have kids that are young – I mean, my son’s 4 and my daughter’s 14. I should be really a grandfather, but I’m a father. They still want me to play with them at the level of a much younger man. So in order to stay healthy for them, that’s what I do. I play tennis every day and I lift weights, and I take vitamins and try to keep my health so I can stick around for them.”

Travolta, 60, also gave an explanation of his 3 a.m. gym visit to Extra’s Renee Bargh.

“Want me to be completely honest with you? As you get older, you need to take better care of your body, and I’ve got a 4-year-old at home… my little boy wants me to throw him up in the air and throw him around, and swing him, and play sports and ball, and unless I’m in good shape, I can’t do that. It’s more about my health than it is about trying to look good.”

Justin Jones of Ocala, Florida, decided to hit Planet Fitness in the middle of the night a few days ago when he met the “Pulp Fiction” star.  He posted a photo on Reddit and wrote: “I thought I was at the gym by myself at 3 a.m., then this guy came up to me and introduces himself.”

Jones, who lives near Travolta, told ABC News about their encounter.

“‘Hi I’m John,’ he said. That’s exactly how it happened.”

“I said, ‘Yeah, I know who you are!'”

“We had a fairly long conversation,” Jones said about the 15-minute chat.

Jones also told Travolta he is a “Welcome Back, Kotter” fan.

“He seemed very flattered by that,” Jones added. “He asked a lot of questions about if I was married and If I had kids. The time just flew by.”

When Jones went home, he kept the meeting a surprise until the next morning.

“I went on my Facebook and posted it as my profile pic,” he said. “She asked, ‘What the hell happened last night?'”

Travolta’s next role will be playing O.J. Simpson’s attorney, Robert Shapiro, in FX’s upcoming “American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson.” He shared it wasn’t an immediate decision to accept.

“Last year I was very busy – I found some movies that I liked, and I said yes to them and did them and they all came out excellently. And then I said yes to the miniseries of the O.J. story. I took a while to decide, but all my friends, all the people I respect most in the industry, said I should take that leap to do something special on television, and I’m doing it.”

Travolta is married to Kelly Preston. Besides their children Benjamin and Ella, they had Jett, who died in 2009 from a seizure while on Christmas vacation in The Bahamas. Wonder if Travolta tells his family about his 3 a.m. gym visits?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]