Jimmy Fallon soaked actor Chris Hemsworth on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show when the two played one of Fallon’s games, “Water War.”

“We’ll play the card game war, but if you lose the hand, you get a pint of water in the face,” Fallon explained to his audience and to Hemsworth. “The first to throw five glasses of water on their opponent wins, and gets to water cannon the loser.” The game consisted of Fallon and Hemsworth drawing cards from a deck and whoever had the higher card could douse the other with a glass of water. At one point, after losing a couple of rounds, Hemsworth switches the decks around. His strategy did not pay off in the end.

Hemsworth and Fallon squared off in Water War previously, the last time Hemsworth was on the show. That time, Hemsworth won, but it was not to be this time around:

Hemsworth was on The Tonight Show to promote his upcoming film, Blackhat, the new cyber-thriller from celebrated director Michael Mann. Hemsworth has a full slate of films this year. After Blackhat, he can be seen in the Ron Howard high-seas epic, In The Heart of The Sea. This summer, he will reprise his role as Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and is currently filming Vacation, a reboot of the Chevy Chase franchise. Aside from those roles, Hemsworth has three more projects in the works beyond 2015, including the announcement of a third Thor film, Thor: Ragnorak.

Chris Hemsworth being soaked by Jimmy Fallon was a treat for the female audience members. The newly-annointed Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine was wearing a white shirt, so the water soaking showed off his chiseled physique, exciting half of the audience.

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