Jennifer Lopez is a cougar, so say some of her detractors following her relationship with her much younger backup dancer Casper Smart after her divorce from Marc Anthony was finalized. They broke things off after dating for two years, but Lopez wants her fans to know that she is not a cougar. She says that she does not like the term and feels it’s sexist because there is no term for a man who only dates younger women.

Lopez was recently linked to her Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman after the duo appeared at the Golden Globes together. She has already denied reports that there is any romance there, but has recently done the same in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Of Guzman, she said, “He’s so fun. He’s real sweet. He’s a gentleman. We are doing all this promo together for the movie.”

DeGeneres then asked, “So, there’s nothing going on?”

Lopez responded, “No, no, no. We arrived separately, but then later we went to the parties together. We had some fun…and it was good.”

As for whether or not Guzman has a girlfriend, Lopez doesn’t actually seem to know for sure. She replied, “I think he might. I’m not sure. I know he did. What? I’m not in his business like that.”

DeGeneres responded, “Not yet.”

Lopez joked, “You never know.”

Despite Jennifer Lopez’s cougar reputation, she insists that she finds the term derogatory. She said, “I hate that they have a label for a woman who would date a younger guy. If a younger guy is interested in you, what’s the big deal? What’s the word for a man who’s after younger girls?”

Lopez’s cougar reputation mostly came after she was linked to Casper Smart and afterward, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. To that she said, “I’m not after younger guys. If younger guys like me, then that’s one thing. But there’s like guys who just go after younger women. They have no name. No label. And you can date one person. Label. There’s just a little bit of an imbalance there. Not fair.”

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[Photo Credit: Ana Carolina Kley Vita via Flickr]