Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were dubbed Bennifer in 2002 when the former couple became engaged. Despite being married to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa and former backup dancer Chris Judd, she called Ben Affleck her first big heartbreak.

Lopez wrote her memoir titled “True Love” in which she discusses her previous romance with Affleck. She talked with Maria Shriver about the memoir and opened up about her famed romance with the “Batman” actor. Notably, right after their relationship went south, Lopez began dating her third husband Marc Anthony.

When speaking about how quickly she moved on, Lopez said, “Right, you’re absolutely right. It was probably my first big heartbreak, and to have one of my best friends who I’d known for years, who I actually love and did have chemistry with, come into my life and say, ‘I’m here’…What you need to know is, nobody can save you or heal you. Only you can do that for you.”

Jennifer Lopez revealed, “It’s still a work in progress for me. It’s how you feel as a child, you know, being a middle child and kind of being invisible sometimes, or, you know, trying to get the attention.”

She continued, “So what did I do? I overachieved. I was the one who ran track and I won medals every weekend. Or I was the one who would go on the show and steal the show. And that would give me confidence. But there was a part of me that just wanted love, that felt like she wasn’t worthy of love.”

Since calling time on her marriage to Marc Anthony, Lopez has been linked to backup dancer Casper Smart. After dating for two years, she broke things off with Smart and has remained single since. Of that, she says, “I’m open to love, but right now, I think it’s better to just be on my own for a minute and learn more about myself.”

[Photo Credit: Twitter]