Jennifer Lawrence paid a visit to her most recent ex-boyfriend, Coldplay singer Chris Martin on Thursday night. The two had called it quits shortly before after dating for only four months. Is there a possibility of a reconciliation in the works?

Lawrence went after the singer to satisfy her childhood crush. She claimed that she was a fan as a teenager and it appeared that she was taking advantage of his new-found single status. He’d previously “consciously uncoupled” from GOOP head Gwyneth Paltrow, leaving him to date whomever he chose.

Paltrow was said to have sabotaged the relationship between Lawrence and Martin by placing strict guidelines on whether Lawrence could be around the couple’s children. In fact, Paltrow told Martin that she didn’t want Lawrence’s things left around their formerly shared house just so that the children wouldn’t find her belongings and ask questions. Just recently, Paltrow attended the same event as Martin and told the audience that he was “father of the year”. Some would suggest that maybe Paltrow was gloating for having sabotaged his new relationship with Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence visited Chris Martin’s Malibu home on Thursday night to collect the rest of her belongings. It wasn’t said as to whether or not Martin was home at the time. Reportedly, she called it quits with Martin because of his super close relationship with his ex-wife.

An insider revealed, “She broke it off with Chris. She was tired of the spotlight on their relationship and she also thought that Chris and Gwyneth were a little too close for comfort. It was an odd situation for her. It was kind of serious but also not really in a sense. It was really just her having fun and living in the moment, enjoying time with someone she likes, but their close relationship got to her in the end and she felt like it wasn’t worth it.”

Will Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin see past their differences and reconcile? Time will tell!

[Photo Credit: Twitter]