Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are going through a lot of media surrounding their relationship status and whether or not they are going to have children together. Now that they are engaged and looking forward to a wedding, reportedly some time this year, the former Friends actress is considering taking her fiance’s last name as her own.

Aniston and Theroux will eventually tie the knot and when they do, the National Enquirer speculates that Jennifer Aniston will change her name officially to Jennifer Aniston Theroux. From the tabloid:

NAME GAMING! When – or is it “if?” – Jennifer Aniston marries Justin Theroux, she’s vowed, despite her fiancé’s heartfelt objections, that she’ll tack on HIS last name and be known, henceforth, as “Jennifer Aniston Theroux!”… YEOW! …

Said a source close to Jen: “Justin’s totally against the idea! He thinks Jen has made a huge name for herself, and her brand is her name. But Jen, who never added Brad Pitt’s last name when they were married, wants to add Theroux – not only as a gesture of their union – but also because she thinks Theroux is such a pretty, melodic sounding surname. She loves the sound of being ‘Jennifer Aniston Theroux!’”

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have dodged giving out any information with regard to their engagement or wedding details – with the exception of saying that there have been no delays in the process. She has told The Hollywood Reporter that if they chose a date for their nuptials, she wouldn’t be divulging that information any time soon. Either way, they seem happy together, don’t have any children and are both very successful in their lines of work. It is possible to suggest that perhaps they will never get married and all of the mentions of that and having children was to help gain some Oscar buzz for her movie Cake. What do you think?

[Photo Credit: EyesOnFire89 via Flickr]