Jakks Pacific Wants Nintendo Toys From Smaller Games

Mario, Link, and Pikachu all have their own action figures, but Jakks Pacific wants Nintendo toys from smaller games. As cool as a Yoshi action figure is, it would just as awesome (if not more) to have a Starman toy from the Earthbound series standing on your shelf with his hands at his waist.

We’ve probably all seen the work that Jakks Pacific does with toys. From World Wrestling Entertainment to Street Fighter, the American company makes well detailed products, in or out of the package.

Jakks Pacific wants Nintendo toys from smaller franchises. Less big names like Donkey Kong, and more obscure names like the Ice Climbers.

In an interview, The Fwoosh asks Jakks Pacific how deep their license with Nintendo goes. They also ask if they’re only allowed to use big name Nintendo characters Mario and Zelda, and if others like Star Fox and Kid Icarus are off limits. They respond:

While we can’t go into all the boring legal details of our contract we do have the rights to many titles both current and classic for a huge character selection and offering of the full Nintendo World not just Mario like done in the past. We can certainly expect to see many characters that were not done before!

The Fwoosh then asks if we can expect some oddball toys like the Koopa Kids, and that’s where you realize Jakks Pacific wants Nintendo toys from smaller games and franchises.

We definitely plan to fully dive into each and every franchise that is available to us and fans can certainly expect more than a handful of characters from each of these franchises. With the popularity of some of Nintendo’s latest titles many of the characters that used to be secondary have become more popular so that allows us to bring them to you in this universe in all scales. This is a really great opportunity for us and being that no one has really brought these characters out before we really hope to have a long lasting line to satisfy all fans for many years to come. Great value, quality and variety in the waves is key here for us.

How would you feel about Jakks Pacific making Nintendo toys from smaller games? Do you want a 6-inch Captain Falcon action figure to grace your desk at work?