Bristol Palin has penetrated the deepest realms of notoriety. Dancing like a monkey on Dancing with the Stars didn’t do it. Announcing that she would like to give her “big middle finger” to “haters” didn’t do it. So the girl got herself a new face.

The 20-year-old arrived at the Candie’s Foundation benefit gala in New York City this week with a seemingly firmer jaw and sharper chin, thoroughly confusing everyone around her.

New Jersey plastic surgeon Brian Glatt said that “Bristol Palin seems to have had some liposuction of her neck area under her chin which has produced a much more defined jawline and lower facial area. She may have also had a chin implant to better define this area. Her lower lip appears much more full and it is likely she had injections of Juvederm into her lower lip.”

Cristina Everett at the New York Daily News said that Palin’s “formerly round face now looks [more] heart-shaped, with her jawline and cheekbones appearing more defined.”

Palin, the second child and eldest daughter of former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and mother to two-year-old love child, Tripp, preaches abstinence to teens. And a question arises: Should teen role models be promoting plastic surgery and contributing to body image disorders such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, anorexia, and bulimia?