Haven’t seen The Interview yet? Don’t feel like paying to see a movie that some critics say we should get for free? Well, you’re in luck – The Interview is coming to Netflix quite soon.

Today, January 20th 2015, Netflix announced via their shareholder press release that on Saturday, January 24th, the controversial comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen The Interview Netflix release will be available for streaming to United States and Canadian customers.

As of now, this movie is available for streaming on Google Play, YouTube, Xbox Video, iTunes, and elsewhere, and even a Blue-ray release is being planned. Sony initially backed out of plans to release the movie due to threats and pressure from North Korea to get rid of the film. Even though the film wasn’t released to every movie theater in the country as originally planned, a few select theaters still showed it for a limited release late December 2014.  The Interview hasn’t be as profitable as initially hoped for, it has so far earned $40 million from online and on-demand sales and rentals.

“We always said that we would get the movie to the greatest audience possible,” said the CEO of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton. “Achieving over $40 million in digital sales is a significant milestone.” The film’s budget has been reported to be roughly $44 million, so between the $40 from digital release, and $6 from theatrical release, the company has just about broken even. The Interview will be coming to the UK and Ireland on February 6th as well to a select number of theaters, with hopes to release it elsewhere as well.

The curious part about the shareholder statement is that they mentioned it being exclusive to Netflix. The release openly says “We are thrilled to offer exclusively the controversial comedy, The Interview, to our US and Canadian members beginning this Saturday, Jan. 24 – just thirty days after it debuted in theaters and pay-per-view.” Could it be possible that Netflix will soon be the only place to see The Interview? Will it be removed from the Google store and YouTube? We will likely be seeing more news of this soon, likely on the day of the Netflix release.