Insterstellar may be having sound mixing issues, according to widespread reports from advanced screenings.

From these advanced screenings, audience members have been coming out of the film saying that in multiple scenes, the action is too loud to hear the dialogue. Sound effects and music are repeatedly drowning out what the actors are saying in scenes, which could be a real problem for the film.

The problems don’t appear to be in one specific location, as similar complaints have come from screenings in the United States, Canada, and various screenings in Europe. The official site for Interstellar has even added a sign in page where audience members can report any issues they had with the screening.

Slashfilm’s Germain Lussier detailed his individual experience with Interstellar’s sound mixing issues:

“According to the man introducing the screening, IMAX had spent $600,000 to upgrade the theater for the film, including bringing in a brand new film projector just for this movie. A few days before, my colleagues Peter Sciretta and Russ Fischer saw the movie in the same venue and had complaints about the sound in the theater. So that was one of my points of emphasis when watching the film. From almost the very first scene – a plane sequence – the dialogue is almost completely inaudible under the music and sound effects. In that scene, maybe it was intentional. We’ll let it go. Later, in a scene where Coop (Matthew McConaughey) closes the window to his daughter’s room, his command for her to leave is only recognizable because she does so visually. Once the film gets into space, multiple bits of comic relief with the robot TARS are missed because of the sound.”

Several tweets have addressed the issue with the sound in Interstellar, and obviously there is nothing that can be done about the sound mixing issues with Interstellar at this point.

Interstellar opens on Friday.

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