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Hurting Hugh Jackman: Wolverine’s Deadly Damage Tally (Infographic)

Hugh Jackman can really sell a kick to the groin. Over the course of four movies—five if you count The Wolverine, opening today nationwide—he’s taken a beating as the gruff mutant, Logan (aka Wolverine), a superhero with the power to heal from wounds instantly.

It seems filmmakers can’t resist hurting Hugh in as many ways as possible. And why not? His character can’t die!  But what if he could? That’s the plot of the newest Wolverine movie, and the focus of the infographic below. If Wolverine couldn’t heal, the following injuries definitely would have ended his superhero career early.


Worst injury: Getting slapped with a tree trunk.

When he should have died: Early in the movie Wolverine is in a car accident that throws him through his windshield. If by chance he would have survived that, getting smacked in the face by that giant tree trunk would have finished him off.

X-Men 2

Worst injury: Seventeen total stabs from Lady Deathstrike.

When he should have died: Halfway through the movie, before the Lady Deathstrike stab-a-thon, a police officer shoots him in the face.

X-Men 3

Worst injury: A total upper body skin melt.

When he should have died: Before having his torso roasted off, Magneto flings Wolverine through a few acres of forest, where he manages to hit every large branch on the way.

X-Men Origins

Worst injury: Probably the shots in the head, or maybe the stab through the heart, the helicopter crash was probably painful too…

When he should have died: Every second of this movie. Seriously, he should really be more careful. He gets shot twelve times, two of those directly in the face!

Based on his escalating injury tally, Hugh Jackman’s probably going to be making a few more pained faces in The Wolverine. Want to see all the hurt in action? Visit DSL.com/wolverine for supercuts of every (unintentionally hilarious) punch, kick, stab and groin kick in all four movies.