My girlfriend and I decided to watch all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies one week. She hadn’t seen the second or third movie so I thought it would be fun–especially because I’m one of the few people on earth that actually like the second and third ones. Before we started the second one, I told her there were going to be plot holes, things that didn’t make sense and unnecessary drama, but it was still good.

After the third movie was over, she started asking me a bunch of questions about “what happened to this?” and “why did they do that.”

Of course, I didn’t have an answer, but we had a good time laughing at the glaring mistakes the creators made. Have you ever seen a movie and thought, “Why did they do that? They could have done something completely different, like this. Come on, even I thought of that!”

I’m sure you have. Well, there is a website that deals with those exact situations. It is called This site is pretty funny because it animates different scenarios that play out at the end of movies, and they change the ending based on things that should have happened earlier in the movie (if the characters were smart enough). They have them for movies like Lord of the Rings, Captain America, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, etc. You guys should check it out, if you’re in the mood for some laughs.