Hayley Williams And Chad Gilbert Engaged

Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert are engaged, the lead singer from Paramore and the lead guitarist from New Found Glory announced on Wednesday.

On Twitter Williams shared a Photoshopped picture of the couple’s heads on a bride and groom while Gilbert shared the same picture on Instagram.

Though the couple made the announcement on Wednesday, Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert have been engaged since Christmas. Gilbert popped the question just two days before Williams 26th birthday.

After the social media declaration, the couple received congratulations from their fans and other stars, some of which included Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Pete Wentz.  Williams thanked those sending positive messages her way on Twitter.

Williams and Gilbert started dating in spring 2008.

Gilbert opened up about their relationship in an interview with Fuse last year. When discussing New Found Glory’s eighth album “Resurrection,” Gilbert said making music helped the couple get over a rough patch in their relationship.

He explained, “It made things better, you know what I’m saying? There was so much going on at this time that you can dig deep into the record. That’s another thing, what the songs of ‘Resurrection’ are about; looking at all the challenges not as negative things but to really take them in a way that tests your value as a person.”

In past interviews, Williams has also admitted how constantly touring and dealing with long-distance has been hard but they always overcome it. Specifically, she told Spin magazine, “We both love what we do and we both support each other and love that we’re doing the thing that we enjoy.”

They’ve learned to triumph over the hard times, and now Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert are engaged.

[Photo Credit: Chloe Chaplin]