Halle Berry’s husband Olivier Martinez was involved in an alleged battery at LAX International Airport pending an investigation into the matter. Reportedly, Martinez has been named as a suspect in the battery investigation after things were said to have gotten out of control at the airport.

Halle Berry, her husband and her daughter Nahla Aubry all arrived at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at 1:45 PST in order to fly out. According to TMZ, reports from the airport police suggest that the swarming paparazzi got way too close to the family for Martinez’s liking.

TMZ reports:

An airport employee was also in the crowd, though it’s unclear if he too was trying to snap a pic. Cops say Olivier was holding an empty car seat and allegedly shoved it against the employee, causing him to fall backward.

The employee was treated at the scene and taken to a hospital. We’re told he complained of abdominal pain. He’s filed a battery report.

This isn’t the first time that Halle Berry’s husband has been involved in an altercation. Previous to this incident, Martinez went head-to-head in a knock down fight with Nahla’s father and Berry’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. During that particular incident, Berry watched on as her husband beat the former model up close to their house in 2012. Things had gotten so bad at one point that Aubry claimed that Martinez was actually trying to kill him.

In other related news, Berry and Aubry have been bickering in court over their daughter’s hair. Reportedly, Berry hired a forensic specialist to prove that Aubry was trying to straighten Nahla’s hair, thus causing her to appear “more white”.

Halle Berry’s husband Olivier Martinez has an apparent history of violence, but it has yet to be confirmed with regard to whether or not he is responsible for this most recent incident at LAX. What do you think happened?

[Photo Credit: Nahlailene via Flickr]