Send a personalized phone call from Santa!

The merry little elves at Google have been busy. First they turned our screens into a winter wonderland with their holiday Easter egg, “let it snow,” and now they’re giving us Santa calls.

Throughout the holidays, you can send a phone call or video from old Saint Nick himself by visiting the Send a Call from Santa site and answering a few simple (and silly) questions.

Questions range from what your recipient wants for Christmas (answers include a “badger,” bunch of sweet threads,” and a “pair of jeggings”) and what Santa should call your recipient, from “schmoopie to smarty pants.”

There are quite a few options to choose from that allow you to customize your Santa message to make it more personal and fun.When you’re finished, you’ll be given the choice of sending a telephone call or a video message. If you choose the video option, you can send your recipient the Santa message via Gmail or Google +. If you opt for the phone call, you’ll just need to put in your phone number and your recipient’s number.

Who says you’re too old to talk to Santa? Not Google! So why not give it a try and see whose day you can brighten with a little virtual visit from Santa!