Google has done their research to figure out which factors influence the films we decide to go see. The study, conducted along with Millward Brown Digital, came to the conclusion that 68% of Americans and Canadians went to the movies last year! Check out the infographic below for tons of interesting information:



The infographic above only goes to show how big YouTube has gotten, with 4 out of 5 people checking the site before deciding which film to see. Some of the information is not too surprising, like the spike in YouTube views when official trailers are released, or around the films actual release date. But some of the information is very surprising, like that action buffs are likely to view content on gardening, or both horror and comedy buffs are interested in soccer!

Sometimes, it’s the information that seems most obvious that makes for interesting tidbits! Like people who saw drama cared more about plot, well of course, all drama is powered through plot. Or that comedy lovers are most interested in the cast, everyone has their favorite funny man! Horror viewers are interested in convenient showtimes, I suppose the cast and plot don’t matter very much when all you want is to get a good scare or two. Of course positive reviews are what family viewings look for, gotta make sure it’s worth forking up money for all those tickets! And the interest of the director for action films makes me happy! Sometimes I worry the average movie goer has no interest in who made what, but it’s nice to see that people are doing their research, and know the difference between a Michael Bay film and a Christopher Nolan film.

All in all, a very interesting infographic from Google which sheds light on the average movie goer, and shows we all have a lot more in common than previously though. Like our love of both action films and gardening.