When we left Glee in the spring, (ahem, when Glee left us) the New Directions had just lost Nationals in New York City, Rachel had decided to end her chances with Finn and concentrate on her career, and Sam and Mercedes were “Samcedes.” And after a summer of rumors, where are we now?

Well on the Finchel front, Lea Michele, who plays Rachel on the show, has let slip a few details on her twitter page. During their first week of shooting Michele tweeted “First Rachel and Finn kiss of Season 3…so cute!!!” And this week while shooting the second episode, Michele tweeted “About to shoot a really cute finchel scene with @CoryMonteith :)”. Now we know the two characters will kiss – but will they kiss and make up?

Michele also recently tweeted  about Rachel’s biological mother returning to the show, saying “Back at work and guess who’s here?!?! My favorite pretend mommy…Idina Menzel!! I love her so much :)” Reportedly Brad Falchuk, one of Glee’s writers, has confirmed that Menzel will reprise her role as Shelby Corcoran.

Another twitter rumor flying is of Blaine moving from Dalton to McKinley High! @Gleeks, a twitter account that posts Glee news and rumors recently announced that “Episode 3×01 will be titled, “The Purple Piano Project,” airing SEPT20 and will transition Blaine from Dalton to McKinley.” This is unconfirmed but would make sense as Darren Criss has been in talks to become a season regular for a while.

And what about Samcedes? Well although Chord Overstreet was offered future season-regular status, he turned this down and is leaving the show. But no worries, Mercedes finds a new BF over the summer, and it was released at ComicCon that his name is Bubba! He is reportedly being played by LaMarcus Tinker from Friday Night Lights!

As this year some of McKinley’s finest will be graduating, what will become of the cast? Well, for starters, Falchuk has openly stated that just because Kurt, Finn and Rachel are graduating does not mean they are leaving the show! A spin-off? Possibly, but the show may just follow them to college or to Broadway!

Once some of the New Directions take on their new directions, some fresh faces will be greeting gleeks, beginning this season. Rumors state that four new cast members will be joining us this year, two of which are female roles. One, played by Vanessa Lengies, is Sugar Manta, a confident girl and a horrible singer. The other is said to be Sheila, “a modern-day Joan Jett” with her own legion of bad girls.

At least four additional newcomers will be joining as guest stars from the hit reality show The Glee Project. On the season finale of the show the winner was to earn a 7-episode character arc in season three. Fans of the show knew that Damian McGinty, from Derry, Northern Ireland, and Samuel Larsen of the good ol’ USA were the favorites to win. But who knew both of them would? Both contestants won 7-episode arcs, and the runners up Lindsay and Alex won the consolation prize of 2-episode arcs! Although their stories are unconfirmed, Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee has stated that one will be the archenemy of Sue Sylvester.

With all these new characters and plot developments, season 3 of Glee will certainly be, well, gleeful! Be sure to watch the season premiere on September 20th at 8/7c on FOX. Also, watch the Primetime Emmys on September 18th at 8 on FOX and root for Glee’s to win all 12 Emmy nominations!