Each year, New Year’s Eve yields some of the most jaw-dropping musical performances. There have been thousands of contenders throughout the contemporary history of show business, but a handful of artists have left us with unforgettable NYE legacies.

Here are a handful of the best New Year’s Eve shows in recent history (with haiku previews to give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into).

Phish, NYC 2011

Thirty minute jam

Slew of suspended dancers

Trippy as hell, man

Pretty Lights, Denver 2011

Wild laser array

Mid-set champagne toasts quench thirst

Wompy bass drops rule

The Flaming Lips, Oklahoma City 2010

Confetti countdown

Wayne Coyne’s toy trumpet solo

Giant balloon joy

Girl Talk, Chicago 2009

On-stage house party

Genius marriage proposal

Music smorgasbord

Deadmau5, London 2010

Animation plays

The superhero swoops in

Commence trance goodness

Coldplay, Abu Dhabi 2012

Light-up clocks spinning

Exotic New Year’s event

Literal song choice

Jamiroquai, Sydney 2011

Funky departure

Superimposed pyramids

Rockin’ that headdress

Michael Jackson, Brunei 1997

Really long intro

Robot MJ emerges

Dances his ass off

Happy New Year’s!