Disney’s decision to purchase Marvel Comics was a brilliant one. The same goes for Time Warner and DC Comics. Why? Simply because both these media giants are now sitting on some of the hottest intellectual properties in the world. When these comic book companies functioned on their own, their annual profits were to the tune of about a hundred million dollars, give or take a few million. But with Disney and Time Warner acquiring these companies, the equation has suddenly undergone a dramatic change. For instance, the Spiderman, Superman, Ironman and Batman franchises have grossed billions of dollars worldwide. The result has been that we have suddenly seen a spurt in superhero movies in recent years. And why not?

Superheroes have captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of people worldwide for years and years. So what can be easier than to capitalize on this readymade audience? And especially because of the advances in technology that allow for superior special effects. So we have Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor and other superheroes finding their way onto the big screen these past few years. Furthermore, unlike most other movies, sequels and prequels for superhero movies are planned well in advance. Even movies like the Incredible Hulk which only did average business was made again as the audiences were willing to spend money to see another spin on the same superhero. And if that’s now enough, reboots help in reviving franchises, both Spiderman and Batman being prominent examples.

And soon, we shall be witnessing the mother of all superhero movies: The Avengers. This movie has a group of superheroes, most of whom have already had their own successful solo releases in the past. To bring them together in one mega movie is every superhero fanatic’s wildest dream. I, for one, shall be waiting with bated breath as the Avengers take on the evil forces that threaten our planet.