Is it just me or does Eva Longoria seem like a clingy chick?

Her rebound after her divorce from Tony Parker would give anyone whiplash (we can definitely tell those 3 years meant alot). Plus, with Tony Parker, she was constantly glued to his hip and constantly gushing over him… until whoops he was cheating. I remember seeing her on Ellen a few weeks before the split and she was sitting on his lap petting him. Is that necessary on national TV? Eva, we know you are gorgeous, the size of an Olsen twin, and aren’t going anywhere. We get it.

After a 24 hour turn around from the divorce, Eva is now linked to 25 year old Eduardo Cruz, shocking. Talk about PDA all over town! And he is much younger than her, just like Tony. Eva is getting a racy reputation, the girl is in her thirties and robbing the cradle.

In my mind women who always go for younger men are usually insecure about themselves and are using that man to fulfill something. Everyone knows that younger men are much less mature especially when you are getting near the ten year gap. Plus, she is a women in the peak child bearing years (… or closer to the end than the beginning) what do they have in common a this point? (besides the obvious innuendo) Maybe Eva is something less than mature herself? Or maybe she doesn’t know who she is and needs a man to tell her. Or maybe she falls in love as easy as a Justin Bieber fanatic. OR I may be just annoyed by her lack of talent and bored from the neverending Desperate Housewives mundaness.

Either way I could do with a little less kiss and tell from her… or just a little less of her.