Eminem visited a cancer patient who was told he had only a week to live. The meeting took place on Sunday, Jan. 11 in Rochester, Michigan. Gage Garmo, a 17-year-old high school student, had bone cancer. He had a wish to meet the rapper before his death.

The Detroit Free Press reported the two sat together in Garmo’s living room and talked about hip-hop and football.

Garmo’s friends and classmates spread the news of his illness and his wish to meet his idol via social media. Garmo was diagnosed with bone cancer during his freshman year and “underwent multiple surgeries and chemotherapy”. It was only last week, during his most recent hospitalization, that he learned doctors had given him days to live.

Michigan-based charity The Rainbow Connection, which grants wishes to children facing terminal illnesses, found out about Garmo’s case, and set up a meeting for Eminem to meet the cancer patient.

Rainbow Connection’s Executive Director Mary Grace McCarter said, “On Thursday, we were told that Gage wanted to meet Eminem, and we also were told that time was very limited,” McCarter said.

The organization had to work fast to get in touch with Eminem’s camp to meet the cancer patient.

“The fact that Gage was so very ill (meant) we just really got all hands on deck, but it is Eminem and his folks who really saved the day. Everything was dropped and for (Eminem) to come to Gage’s home and sit next to him and talk to him was really something very special.”

Eminem’s Shady Records label mate Royce da 5’9″ shared a message on Instagram. The caption reads: “Mission accomplished. God Bless this beautiful kid and thank you guys for all your hard work…”

Mission accomplished ☑️ God Bless this beautiful kid and thank you guys for all your hard work…

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Sadly, Garmo died on Monday. McCarter announced Garmo “was at home with his family.”

The support in the community has been tremendous. On Sunday, a fundraiser was held for the teen and his family. After the GoFundMe page was launched, more than 400 people had donated more than $29,500. On Monday, supporters presented a fireman’s helmet to the family and attended a cande light vigil at the school. Gage’s friends plan to wear yellow, his favorite color, this week and will continue fundraising. They also will be selling bracelets with the message, “#GarmoStrong.”

This story of Eminem visiting the cancer patient shows the sweet side of Marshall Mathers. Our sympathies go out to Garmo’s family and friends.