Ellen DeGeneres recently showed off a possible Holiday card from her and wife Portia de Rossi, channeling their inner Kardashian with the photo.

Ellen revealed the card on her show Monday. “As you know,” she said, “Portia and I started working on our holiday cards… and here’s the second one we came up with.” The front of the card reads “Happy Holidays” while the inside of the card has a picture with the couple photoshopped atop of what appear to be Kim Kardashian’s bare bottom from the cover of Paper magazine. The couple appear to be sitting inside a giant bucket. The caption reads “And A Shiny New Year.”

The picture elicited a roar of laughter and applause from the audience. Entertainment Tonight added a picture of the card on their Twitter page as well:

The previous Holiday card idea from Ellen took shots at recent rumors that the couple is working on having children. The cover of that card read “Silent Night” on the cover while the inside showed the couple sipping some wine with a caption “Because We Don’t Have Kids.”

Ellen used Kim Kardashian as motivation for her Holiday card last year, as she photoshopped her and Portia’s heads on the body of Kim and Kanye West riding a motorcycle. The photo was pulled from Kanye’s music video for “Bound 2.”

In an amazing bout of shortsightedness, Kim Kardashian has voiced her displeasure with the memes and altered photos of her Paper photos going around the internet. “Kim is furious over the fake photoshopped pics of her butt that’s going around,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She oversees everything and would never allow pics of herself to be manipulated drastically.”

Surely, Kim Kardashian won’t have an issue with Ellen and Portia’s Holiday card as it is all in good fun.