Demi Lovato announced with a tweet yesterday that she is planning to take some time off from music and the spotlight, noting that she isn’t meant for this business and the media, publicity, and hype that surrounds it.

When a fan asked if she’d be coming back, she replied that she doesn’t know and that it doesn’t feel worth it anymore. She also noted that she thinks she’d like to do charity work instead.

Reaction was largely supportive, although not entirely. Some did point out that Lovato has said she was taking a break before, only to come back shortly after. Most recently, this happened over the summer when she said she was quitting social media after she received backlash for comments she made on Twitter regarding other celebrity scandals. After a very short break, she was back on social media soon after. That said, plenty of fans know about Demi Lovato’s past struggles with things like substance abuse, bulimia, and depression (all things she has discussed publicly) and wished her the best, whatever her motives were for taking this time off.

Image Source: By Viva Iquique (Demi Lovato) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons