Deja Vu. No Thank You.

What happened to originality in the movie business? Remakes are flying through theatres faster than Rihanna can make a wardrobe change. With a remake of X- Men on its way, constant Batman franchises, and Superman making another circle around the world soon, isn’t anyone else sick of the same song different tune??


In addition to constant sequels, and let’s not forget prequels, we now have a constant influx of the exact same premise made by different directors (I know, I know I like Christopher Nolan too). Blah!

It used to be a remake would happen loooong after the original was made, but the trend has acquired a shorter and shorter leash. One must question, however, are these remake blockbusters completely numbing us to real quality films with real acting. And maybe we are becoming completely desensitized by the novelty of special effects faster than technology can keep up with them.

Movies of real class are being left by the wayside or encountering major struggles to get made and once made, facing even harder road blocks to get to theatres/audiences. For example, look at The Fighter. This movie hit it big during awards season, portraying quality acting teamed with a great script. Nevertheless, the struggle in Hollywood to incur interest in such a topic and to gain support for the film experienced a disheartening start, leading to The Fighter almost never coming to fruition.

The Fighter

Is it the audiences that are causing this cookie cutter image of what a film should be and what sells? Or is it close-minded, money-greedy executives and studios in Hollywood that are afraid to take a chance on something original being made or getting a unique project on the fast track to success?

New super heroes, a take on old iconic figures, or just plain more time in between remakes would be refreshing. There needs to be time for audiences to forget what they just saw in order to be excited about what is to come. These less than a decade turn arounds should be nipped in the bud and real artistry should be escorted forward.