David Tennant has been cast in AKA Jessica Jones as the show’s main villain. The show will be presented by Marvel Studios, and it will be the second Marvel series to air exclusively on Netflix.

The superhero genre is growing in popularity at a rapid rate with almost every big blockbuster or hit new show being involved with Marvel or DC comics in some way. Daredevil will be the first superhero show to air exclusively on Netflix when it begins on April 10th, and will be followed up by AKA Jessica Jones.

The new Marvel series AKA Jessica Jones follows the title character who is trying to rebuild her personal life and career after a short-lived stint as a superhero. She lives and works in New York City, and gets called in to deal with cases involving people with extraordinary abilities.

David Tennant has joined the cast of AKA Jessica Jones as Zebediah Killgrave, a figure from Jessica’s past who starts to haunt her new life. His villain name is Purple Man, and he is a spy-turned-criminal who was originally introduced to antagonize Daredevil before appearing in Jessica Jones.

There is no word yet on whether Tennant will be involved with the upcoming Daredevil, but both shows, along with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, will be set in Hell’s Kitchen, which will provide for a great deal of crossover.

After all four series air, there will also be a miniseries featuring them all teaming together titled Defenders. One actor has already been confirmed for two of the four shows, Mike Colter, who is set to star in AKA Jessica Jones as Luke Cage, and then play Luke Cage in his own series.

The title role of Jessica Jones will be played by Krysten Ritter, who has been actively reading the comics in order to prepare for her role. She has recently been seen in the film Big Eyes, and also had roles in the television shows Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 and Breaking Bad.

David Tennant joining a Marvel TV show like AKA Jessica Jones is big for the geek community and those who like seeing big crossovers, as he rose to fame as the doctor on Doctor Who. Is he a good choice for the role?

[Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

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